Kyle Smith, QUT
Doing assessment differently

The aim of this workshop is to draw attention to popular beliefs and practices relating to language assessment, and to indicate clearly that it is possible to think about and do assessment differently. It will start with a brief proposal for an approach to assessment in English language teaching which is radically different from the assessment systems most of us have experienced. Participants will then evaluate this proposal and discuss whether they could or would implement it in their contexts, and the practicalities of doing so. To conclude, Kyle will provide some commentary on the discussions, key features of the proposal and the rationale for these with reference to literature and theory.

Kyle Smith is a doctoral student interested in (language) assessment (literacy), testing, measurement, technology and the sociology of education. He has worked for over 16 years in International Education in Brisbane, mainly in ELICOS, as a teacher, manager and curriculum developer. He has a MEd(TESOL), IDLTM, CELTA and BA(History).